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This project is hosted by the kind folks at
You can visit the ibmonitor project page for various utilities related to the project,
like forums, feature requests, etc. If you have an account at, you can
even join my project!

Once there, the latest release is always available under the section "Latest File Releases"
If you would like to download an earlier version then you should click on
the link "View All Project Files"

ibmonitor version 1.4

Released on 13th October 2006

  • Header text is now displayed immediately on starting
   Click here for direct link to ibmonitor-1.4.tar.gz

ibmonitor version 1.3 (stable release)

Released on 19th December 2004

  • Sleep interval is now more accurate as we are subtracting the time taken for the code to run from it
  • Requires module Time::HiRes
   Click here for direct link to ibmonitor-1.3.tar.gz

ibmonitor version 1.2 (stable release)

Released on 10th September 2003

  • Removed Term-ReadKey Perl module from distro.
  • Interfaces which come up and down frequently while
    ibmonitor is running (like ppp0), now appear/disappear
   Click here for direct link to ibmonitor-1.2.tar.gz

ibmonitor version 1.1 (beta release)

Released on 20th July 2003

  • Added '? / h' interactive key for help screen for interactive commands.
    Patch supplied by John O'Sullivan <>
  • The interactive keys are now toggle keys.
    Suggestion, logic and patch supplied by John O'Sullivan <>
  • Project is back into beta stage, since work needs to be done when interfaces are added/removed,
    while ibmonitor is running. eg. dialup (ppp0)
   Click here for direct link to ibmonitor-1.1.tar.gz

ibmonitor version 1.0.1 (stable)

Released on 1st July 2003

  • Minor code Cleanup
   Click here for direct link to ibmonitor-1.0.1.tar.gz

ibmonitor version 1.0 (stable)

Released on 8th June 2003

  • Command line option "--dev regex" added.
    Patch supplied by Kanedaaa <>
    So only interfaces which match the regex supplied will
    be displayed.
  • Command line option "--file proc" added.
    This allows to specify a different /proc file, other
    than the default, which is "/proc/net/dev"
  • Added Term-Readkey Perl module in distribution.
  • Average Data was incorrect, when interval was more than 1 second. Fixed.
  • All output is written to a variable, instead of STDOUT.
  • Reset(key r while in interactive mode) is now resetting elapsed time.
  • Choice to move interface display up/down relative to other interface
  • If Term-ReadKey Perl module is not found, then interactive mode is disabled
   Click here for direct link to ibmonitor-1.0.tar.gz

ibmonitor version 0.3 (beta release)

Released on 19th May 2003

  • When in interactive mode, after the key is pressed,
    a small message is displayed as to what has been changed.
  • Amount of data stored was incorrect earlier, as it was not
    taking into account refresh interval. Fixed.
  • Changed the display look. The interface name is not in same
    column as with 'Max', 'Avg', 'Amount'.
  • Removed unused hash keys in interfaces and interfaces_all hash.
  • Displaying total bytes (in KB/MB/GB) transferred on each interface since start of utility.
    The unit (KB/MB/GB) changes dynamically depending on available field width.
    "--data" added to command line options
    "D / d" input key is recognized in interactive mode.
  • Showing elapsed time since start of utility.
   Click here for direct link to ibmonitor-0.3.tar.gz

ibmonitor version 0.2 (beta release)

Released on 6th May 2003

  • Using perl module Term::ANSIColor for aesthetic appeal!
  • Fully interactive
  • Squashed the bug when the interface byte count is reset to zero,
    which as a result the bandwidth and average values are negative
  • all strings single quoted
   Click here for direct link to ibmonitor-0.2.tar.gz

ibmonitor version 0.1 (pre-alpha release)

Released on 3rd May 2003

  • All command line options are working
  • The output is as expected!
Click here for direct link to ibmonitor-0.1.tar.gz

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