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13th Oct 2006

version 1.4 released!

Go to the download page, where a list of changes is available since the last release.

19th Dec 2004

version 1.3 released!

10th Sep 2003
version 1.2 released!

20th July 2003
version 1.1 released!

1st July 2003
version 1.0.1 released!

8th June 2003
version 1.0 released!

19th May 2003
version 0.3

New Screenshots added

6th May 2003
version 0.2

3rd May 2003
version 0.1

is an interactive linux console application which shows
bandwidth consumed and total data transferred on all interfaces.

Its main features are:
  • Shows received, transmitted and total bandwidth of each interface
  • Calculates and displays the combined value of all interfaces
  • Displays total data transferred per interface in KB/MB/GB
  • Values can be displayed in Kbits/sec(Kbps) and/or KBytes/sec(KBps)
  • Can show maximum bandwidth consumed on each interface since start of utility
  • Can show average bandwidth consumption on each interface since start of utility
  • The output with all features (max, avg and display in Kbps and KBps) easily fits on a 80x24 console or xterm
  • Can interactively change its output display format depending on key pressed by user.

Check the About page for more information.
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